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Having trouble with this website? You’ve come to the right place! Here, you can get some of the answers to your questions. We can help with navigation problems, audio problems and some technical problems. If you still can’t get your problem solved, you can always contact the developers.

Clicking on the buttons is how we get around this website. So let’s just look at each one of the buttons and figure out what they do, starting with the first page! After the introduction movie you come to the “home page”. From this page you can go everywhere and you will probably come back to it a lot during your visit. There’s a lot to click on here. First of all, you’ll see a row of buttons at the top saying “Triassic”, “Jurassic”, “Cretaceous” and so on. Click on those to get to a new film with all the dinosaurs from that time period. Click on a dinosaur name to learn about it.  Once that film opens, you play it by pressing the big “play” button in the middle of the screen. Download a PDF document using this button. Go back to the previous screen by clicking on the exit button. On the home page you will also see buttons: “What is “evolution”?”, “What are “fossils”?” and “What is “paleontology”?” These take you to a bunch of films about evolution, fossils and paleontology. There are also ways to play the games, take the quiz and download the homework. On the bottom row you will find another row of buttons with information for teachers, the glossary, bibliography, license information and so on. There is also a “sitemap”. This will show you where everything is on this website so you’ll never get lost. Having this program on CD-ROM has a lot of advantages; it’s much faster to load the movies and you don’t need the internet to watch it. If you would like to order some DinosaurDays CDs for yourself or your friends, click on the “order” button.

If you can’t hear anything, like me speaking during the films, then you don’t have audio! That’s no fun at all. It’s way better to watch this program with audio. This means that you need to find a computer with speakers. Most computers already have a sound card inside, but sometimes older computers need to have this installed later. Ask your teacher or your parents for speakers. If you can’t get any speakers, you can use headphones. Most computers have a place to plug in headphones, and that’s almost as good. If you have all of those things but you still can’t hear anything, make sure the volume is turned up. You can find this by clicking on the little speaker symbol at the bottom of your computer screen.

If you’re having trouble with the games or quizzes it could be that you don’t have the latest Flash player installed on your computer. The Flash player is free to download. Go to the Flash website on  if you need to download the latest player, and then follow the instructions. If you don’t have internet on your computer, ask for help installing the software.

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